Love You to Death Season 5

Available October 1st in print and e-formats. TV Fanatic’s Exclusive Announcement of the Book’s Interview Subjects! More about the cover (which we love and adore) here With a foreword by co-creator Kevin Williamson, the fan-favorite Love You to Death series returns with an essential guide to the fifth season of The CW’s hit show The Vampire […]

The Vampire Diaries In Review: No Exit (ep514)

TVD is back! And Katherine is still at it!  Nothing like being forced to spend time in an enclosed space with someone to lead to canoodling! Whether orchestrated or enforced, No Exit saw the TVD gang in some delightfully tricky situations. And as with most trouble in the lives of the Salvatore brothers for the past 150 […]

The Originals In Review: Long Way Back from Hell (ep114)

Vee tells it like it is about The Originals‘ “Long Way Back From Hell”: After four episodes of non-stop witch offense, Long Way Back from Hell was an hour full of decayed, Silent Hill-esque visuals, beautifully lit flashbacks, a whole lot of witchsplaining, and an unfortunate lack of tension. With Rebekah and Marcel’s secret revealed to the audience […]

Love You to Death 5: Cover Reveal…and Foreword Announcement!

Finally, finally we get to share the cover for Love You to Death — Season 5, which we are in mad crazy love with, and even crazier share the news that is on that cover: the identity of our foreword writer for this next volume of the series. First up, the cover! We’ve long been […]

Vampire Diaries in Review: The Devil Inside (ep512)

Super extreme doppelganger hijinks in the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries…. In the immortal words of INXS, Every single one of us, the devil inside. And nowhere is that more true than in Mystic Falls. The Devil Inside was another top-notch episode, in my opinion, with the Katherine-bodyjacking-Elena plotline taking its next logical, and for some disastrous, […]

Love You to Death 5: Cover Ideas?

Hey friends, We are busily and happily brainstorming ideas for the cover of Love You to Death: The Unofficial Companion to The Vampire Diaries –  Season 5 and we would LOVE LOVE LOVE your thoughts — what would you like to see on the cover of the next book? Is there an iconic image from this season […]

The Originals In Review: Sinners and Saints (ep105)

Still reeling from all the things in the latest episode of The Originals? Require smelling salts after the swoon-inducing presence of Elijah holding a violin? Vee is here to bring you to your senses, like a nice hard slap from a feisty werewolf: And it all comes together. In Sinners and Saints, The Originalsperforms a sleight of hand, and it […]