Vampire Diaries In Review: Rescue Me (ep517)

In before the wire: Crissy breaks down the last pre-hiatus Vampire Diaries episode before we head into the final five eps of Season 5. An episode that will always be known in my heart as the Junkyard One, Rescue Me featured breakups and blonde would-be assassins, tests of character and trust games. And a new […]

Vampire Diaries In Review: While You Were Sleeping (ep516)

A raging killer virus, secrets, break-ups, new agendas and doppelgangers – Crissy sorts through last week’s frenetic episode of The Vampire Diaries. For an episode where Elena had a heck of a lot of catching up to do — made much trickier thanks to Katherine’s parting gift of a werewolf-venom-infused ripper virus — While You Were […]

The Originals In Review: Moon Over Bourbon Street (ep117)

The Originals’ first post-Rebekah episode was heavy on plot and Vee’s opening paragraph was heavy on the bartending metaphors. Jumping forward a month after Rebekah Mikaelson’s departure from New Orleans, Moon Over Bourbon Street delivered plot straight up, but with a fuzzy twist. Relationships between New Orleans’ factions are chilled, tensions stirred, but Elijah is […]

Vampire Diaries In Review: Gone Girl (ep515)

Crissy takes on last week’s excellent episode of The Vampire Diaries, which saw the (permanent?) exit of one of the show’s mightiest – and most entertaining – forces. With the necessary mourning period come to an end, it’s time to talk about just what made Gone Girl such a season stand-out episode — despite the fact […]

The Originals In Review: Farewell to Storyville (ep116)

Farewell, Rebekah. Goodbye, Claire Holt. And then there were two. I’m going to admit upfront that I’ve dreaded writing this review, mostly because my thoughts and feelings have been all over the place since my initial viewing, all of which was then overshadowed by the news that Claire Holt had exited the show, and so […]

The Originals In Review: Le Grand Guignol (ep115)

This week’s episode of The Originals was a vast improvement over last week and chock full o’ signature WTF-ness. Just as one chapter seemed to come to an abrupt end, another began with a gasp. Le Grand Guignol was a breakneck hour filled with glittering and bloody flashbacks, cracking good dialogue, an abundance of excellent […]

The Vampire Diaries In Review: No Exit (ep514)

TVD is back! And Katherine is still at it!  Nothing like being forced to spend time in an enclosed space with someone to lead to canoodling! Whether orchestrated or enforced, No Exit saw the TVD gang in some delightfully tricky situations. And as with most trouble in the lives of the Salvatore brothers for the past 150 […]

The Originals In Review: Long Way Back from Hell (ep114)

Vee tells it like it is about The Originals‘ “Long Way Back From Hell”: After four episodes of non-stop witch offense, Long Way Back from Hell was an hour full of decayed, Silent Hill-esque visuals, beautifully lit flashbacks, a whole lot of witchsplaining, and an unfortunate lack of tension. With Rebekah and Marcel’s secret revealed to the audience […]

Vampire Diaries In Review: Total Eclipse of the Heart (ep513)

Crissy pulls out the Taylor Swift references in her review of last week’s Vampire Diaries. Just because most of the characters have graduated from high school, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good old-fashioned TVD dance, and Total Eclipse of the Heart gives us the Whitmore College Bitter Ball, where lonely singles find new […]

The Originals In Review: Crescent City (ep113)

Great episode, not-so-great time for the Original family. Confession: Other than my deep appreciation for good-looking people covered in blood, there is nothing I love more than watching my favorites get their asses handed back to them on a platter. (And sometimes these two things go hand in hand, which is honestly what my version […]