Vampire Diaries In Review: True Lies (ep502)

Another new episode of Vampire Diaries, another new In Review! Crissy takes on “True Lies” (5.02), which may be the most fun TVD has had in a while. More of that, please! In a romp of an episode, the idea of ‘finding yourself’ at college is made fun as the gang unselfconsciously figures out how […]

The Originals In Review: House of the Rising Son (ep102)

Check out the latest The Originals In Review over at, this time touching on “House of the Rising Son”: Now that’s more like it. After last week’s exposition-heavy series premiere, House of the Rising Son struck a deft balance between insightful character moments, connecting the relationship dots, and kicking plot into overdrive. While Always […]

Vampire Diaries In Review: I Know What You Did Last Summer (ep501)

Crissy is back with her epic reviews of The Vampire Diaries, kicking off her fourth year running of In Review for with a look at “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” the season premiere. Make sure to tune in next Thursday for “True Lies” (ep502).

The Originals In Review: Always & Forever (ep101)

The moment has arrived! The long-awaited TVD spinoff had its first (or sorta first) episode last night, and never fear because Vee has written an awesome “In Review” post about it over at Vee will posting all season long, so expect another brilliant write-up super soon, because we get another, fully-original Originals episode this […]

The Originals In Review: It’s A-Happening

Good news, friends: the one and only Heather Vee will be writing about each and every episode of The Originals on, starting with the premiere which airs Thursday October 3rd!  I cannot even wait for more Marcel and Klaus and Hayley. And who else is on that show? Oh right of course. ELIJAH. The […]

Vampire Diaries In Review — Seasons 2-4

Looking for Crissy’s “Vampire Diaries: In Review” posts for any episode in season 2, 3, or 4? Find the links to her posts below. Season 4 4.01 Growing Pains 4.02 Memorial 4.03 The Rager 4.04 The Five 4.05 The Killer 4.06 We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes 4.07 My Brother’s Keeper 4.08 We’ll […]