The Originals In Review: Dance Back from the Grave (ep112)

Celeste is not wasting any time in hitting the Original family where it hurts. When your show centers around a villainous anti-hero, and one that cannot be killed at that, how do you introduce a character who’s a credible and formidable threat? Time and again, on both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, we’ve seen […]

The Originals In Review: Apres Moi, Le Déluge (EP111)

This is not how it ends….right? Riding the momentum of last week’s episode, Apres Moi, le Déluge was an hour brimming with everything that makes The Originals so damned good: startling revelations, epic supernatural shenanigans, and intimate, perfectly played character moments. Much like Sinners and Saints, huge plot bombs and mythology disclosures worked in tandem […]

The Originals In Review: The Casket Girls (ep110)

Finally, our national nightmare is over and The Originals is back on our television screens where it belongs. Tuesday night saw The Originals return from its holiday hiatus with a mid-season premiere that was a bone-snapping, blood-choking, surprisingly emotional good time. In many ways, The Casket Girls was a reset – a righting of a […]

The Originals In Review: Reigning Pain in New Orleans (ep109)

I’m having a lot of mixed feelings about the Klaus and Marcel dynamic at the moment, so I’m being cautiously optimistic that the bottom will drop out and things will be messy and spectacular. After Klaus took it to the bridge in the previous episode, it’s not so surprising that The Originals would turn out […]

The Originals In Review: The River in Reverse (ep108)

Klaus dressed up special for me in this episode…in other people’s blood. And it was pretty epic, I must say. Kings rise, kings fall, and new kings rise in their place. In eight episodes, The Originals’ dynamics have transformed so completely that it has rendered every aspect of the story unpredictable. But here’s what remains […]

The Originals In Review: Bloodletting (ep107)

This week’s The Originals brought a familiar face from Mystic Falls and into the bayou. Oh, and Klaus bit Elijah. If you thought Klaus had gone all ponies, prom dresses, and postmodern snowflakes, Bloodletting featured the hybrid hornet nest getting poked from all directions. We’ve become accustomed to Klaus at a low simmer, with the […]

The Originals In Review: Fruit of the Poisoned Tree (ep106)

Another week, another excellent episode of The Originals. Fruit of the Poisoned Tree saw Elijah re-enter the Original sibling fold, Rebekah left out in the cold, and Klaus reaping what he has sown with Marcel and Cami. If last week’s Sinners and Saints was about how one event can have wide-ranging ramifications and link disparate […]

The Originals In Review: Sinners and Saints (ep105)

Still reeling from all the things in the latest episode of The Originals? Require smelling salts after the swoon-inducing presence of Elijah holding a violin? Vee is here to bring you to your senses, like a nice hard slap from a feisty werewolf: And it all comes together. In Sinners and Saints, The Originalsperforms a sleight of hand, and it […]

The Originals In Review: Girl in New Orleans (ep104)

This week’s episode of The Originals was outstanding and went a long way in boosting hopes for the long-term future of the show. This. This is the show we all knew The Originals could be. While the bigger picture is still tantalizingly out of focus, Girl in New Orleans was the first episode to feel wholly confident juggling […]

The Originals In Review: Tangled Up in Blue (ep103)

Vee reviews the latest Originals episode over at, giving the show some much-needed tough love: As The Originals begins its steady escalation towards full-blown war,Tangled Up in Blue was accelerant for the front-yard pyre: star-crossed lovers, sibling cruelty, sexual tension, and meticulous subterfuge all mingled at the bar, looking gorgeous. So it’s really too bad about the show’s […]