Vampire Diaries In Review: True Lies (ep502)

Another new episode of Vampire Diaries, another new In Review! Crissy takes on “True Lies” (5.02), which may be the most fun TVD has had in a while. More of that, please! In a romp of an episode, the idea of ‘finding yourself’ at college is made fun as the gang unselfconsciously figures out how […]

Vampire Diaries In Review: I Know What You Did Last Summer (ep501)

Crissy is back with her epic reviews of The Vampire Diaries, kicking off her fourth year running of In Review for with a look at “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” the season premiere. Make sure to tune in next Thursday for “True Lies” (ep502).

Vampire Diaries In Review — Seasons 2-4

Looking for Crissy’s “Vampire Diaries: In Review” posts for any episode in season 2, 3, or 4? Find the links to her posts below. Season 4 4.01 Growing Pains 4.02 Memorial 4.03 The Rager 4.04 The Five 4.05 The Killer 4.06 We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes 4.07 My Brother’s Keeper 4.08 We’ll […]