The Originals In Review: A Closer Walk with Thee (ep120)

Events from The Vampire Diaries cross over into The Originals this week and the episode’s final act presents a tantalizing possibility.

As we near the end of the season (only two episodes left!), The Originals seems to be settling into a groove. A Closer Walk With Thee carried over last week’s confident balancing of plot hijinks and thematic depth, not only delivering a damned solid hour of television full of super-snappy dialogue, but touching on every hot-button issue currently rippling through the Quarter in a way that felt breathlessly natural. Also, this episode had an extra layer of excitement as events from The Vampire Diaries – the disintegration of supernatural purgatory, aka the Other Side – leaked into the OGs’ sphere, as it absolutely should. But instead of integrating those events for a one-off, The Originals is playing that card hard, much to my delight.

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