About an Originals Companion Guide…

Hello, friends. Surviving the Olympics hiatus? We hope you are as thrilled as we are that The Vampire Diaries and The Originals have been renewed by the CW, for seasons six and two, respectively.

We’ve been fielding a lot of questions about whether there will be an unofficial guide for The Originals, in the vein of Love You to Death: The Unofficial Companion to The Vampire Diaries, and we thought now was the time to answer this question and provide some insight into the challenges of doing these guides.

First off, we’d like to clear up some misconceptions about what being “unofficial” means. Often there is a perception that something labeled unofficial lacks quality, but anyone who has been purchasing the Love You to Death series from Crissy’s very first volume knows this is not the case. Simply put, being an unofficial guide means we are not licensed by Warner Bros. Licenses are expensive, and sometimes the license holder decides that an official guide is not viable for them, so decline to license a guide. This is entirely within their rights as, at the end of the day, they need to be assured they will make money.

Official guides for TV shows are a rarity nowadays, mostly due to the centralized and very active nature of online fandom. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but to paraphrase a friend of ours, there is something to be said about holding a solid, glossy book in your hand, and having a physical object of your fandom that you can flip through and reference. That is very much the spirit behind Love You to Death and we are very grateful for those of you who have purchased physical and ebook copies, and doubly thank you for contacting us through here and Twitter to let us know how much you enjoy the guides.

But even unofficial guides need to make their publishers money. Putting these books out is not cheap, nor are they jackpot moneymakers. Cover art, photos…these things cost money. We are infinitely grateful that ECW Press supports the Love You to Death series with the enthusiasm it does. And we are especially proud of how Love You to Death 4 came out, largely due to the invaluable contributions of the writers, producers, and crew of The Vampire Diaries who provided so much insight into the behind-the-scenes workings of the TVD machine. If there is one thing we feel very strongly about, it’s highlighting the incredible amount of love and work that goes into bringing TVD to the television screen every week, from the writer’s room to post-production.

Unfortunately, as much as we are committed to an Originals guide, it’s just not in the cards at this time – at least not in a traditional sense. We are exploring our options, particularly in light of The Originals renewal. We believe there is a place and an audience for this guide, and we’re hard-working, stubborn ladies. We feel we have something meaningful to contribute to in-depth discussion of The Originals and want to highlight the writers and crew in the same way we have with TVD. Until we are able to do so, this is unfinished business.

So cross your fingers for us! In the meantime, Vee will keep writing The Originals In Review and Crissy the Vampire Diaries In Review columns at Vampire-Diaries.net, and we are already hard at work on Love You to Death 5 (cover art and foreword writer to be revealed soon!).

As always, thanks for being the best cheerleaders we could ask for.

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